Dear fellow UP alumni and friends,


Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!


I am deeply honored and humbled to serve as president of our organization for 2016-2017.  The UP Alumni Association of DC, Maryland and Virginia (UPAADCMDVA) has been around for over 40 years.  It serves as a viable medium for linking UP alumni in this part of the world and also plays a vital role in the service of our alma mater through the many projects it has sponsored and supported throughout the  years.  Our organization is an active participant in the vibrant Filipino-American community and has collaborated with many Fil-Am organizations in the area in helping promote Filipino culture, heritage and traditions.


The officers and directors have many events and activities being planned for the next two years and are always looking to improve and reach more people in the UP community.  I urge you to come and join us, and if you know of any alumni in your network who are willing and able to partake in our brand of UP camaraderie and fellowship, please invite them as well.


It is my goal to help rejuvenate and expand our UP alumni community.  We have already started by hosting happy hours and informal gatherings with the purpose of fostering friendship and building relationships, be it for personal or professional reasons.  The strength of our organization lies in its membership.  We cannot continue to be of service to our alma mater and to our community if we do not succeed in keeping our members engaged and invested in our organization.


I want to personally invite you to attend one or more events this year.  To those who have dropped from the rolls, we want you back.  To those who have overlooked us, please give us a chance by joining our organization.  We will endeavor to make it fun for everyone. 


Finally, if you have any suggestions about events and activities we can include in our line-up, please email me directly ( and we will try to make it happen.  Please feel free to send me your ideas and thoughts on how best we can improve our organization. You can also visit or "like" our Facebook page so you can find out about upcoming events and activities.


On behalf of the hard-working and talented volunteers who serve on the UPAADCMDVA as Officers and Directors, we hope to see you and hear from you soon.

Yours in UP!


Jun-Jun Villareal

President 2016-2017


  UPAADCMDVA Earns UPAA Distinguished Alumni Award for 2017

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