April 26, 2024

Dear Fellow Alumni, Families, Friends, and Supporters,

Greetings! It is with great pride and pleasure that I accepted the role as the President of our esteemed organization. It is an organization that is close to my heart ever since my family and I moved to the greater Washington DC area in 1999. I am also thrilled to be spearheading our group through a very important milestone.                

The University of the Philippines Alumni Association of Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. To celebrate this very auspicious occasion, we will be holding a fundraising dinner and dance, the Golden Ball on October 26, 2024 at the Fairview Marriott.     

This will be the culmination of a year-long series of events which started with the book signing afternoon with Atty Loida Lewis Nicolas and included a wine tasting evening, a tour of the National Gallery of Art, fun events and many more to highlight the depth and breadth of interests and talents of our alumni. We also celebrate the fellowship that has been born from the numerous hours of meetings and workshops to bring you an unforgettable jubilation. Most importantly, we honor the fifty years of the remarkable contributions of our esteemed organization to our local community, to our alma mater and to the world.

To continue our legacy of honor and excellence, the proceeds of these fundraising events will be going to two noteworthy recipients. One, to our alma mater, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Department of History. They will be working with other universities in Mindanao on a quest to augment the documentation of our history on “Mindanao During Martial Law”. Secondly, to continue the oral history project of the Filipino American Veterans of WII, “Duty to Country” We are commemorating our golden anniversary not only by making history but also by preserving history at home and in our adopted country for the present and for the future generations of Filipinos and Filipino Americans.


Join the merrymaking, contribute your talents and share your blessings!

Nathalie Bernabe Quion


University of the Philippines Alumni Association DC MD VA


  UPAADCMDVA Earns UPAA Distinguished Alumni Award for 2017

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