UP Modernization Fund Campaign

                  The UPAADCMDVA has taken on as a project the establishment of a permanent endowment for a set of grants to University of the Philippines junior faculty.   This endowment will be the contribution of UPAADCMDVA to the UP Modernization Fund Campaign which aims to augment the University’s financial resources and thus enable it to meet the highest standards of scholarship and produce a stronger and more productive faculty to serve the nation and its people.

                  Permanent Revolving Scholarship Fund

                The Association’s thrust on Education burst on the scene with a scholarship fund-raising campaign, sustained by a permanent revolving fund (with only interest income being remitted to UP Diliman).    An historic “Scholarship Trust Memorandum of Agreement” was signed on January 18, 1984 at Quezon Hall in Diliman, Quezon City, by UP President Edgardo Angara and Atty. Ramon Paterno, Vice Chairman, Administration, UPAA Educational Trust. The Scholarship has benefited ten scholars and we have a BS Physics scholar to date, who must meet stringent academic criteria approved by the UP Board of Regents as well as UPAA Education Trust-imposed criteria, based on financial need, leadership ability and “commitment to country.”

                  The Education Trust

                 Sustained funding for education has been ensured through an Educational Trust. Established on March 15, 1983, the Trust is entitled to a U.S. tax exempt status. From the three founding trustees made up of Dr. Bart Javate, Attys. Ramon Paterno and Januario Azarcon – who serve respectively as Board Chairman, Vice Chairman, Administration, and Secretary/Legal Counsel – the UPAA Educational Board of Trustees now number 10 trustees. Atty Ramon P. Paterno is the current chair of the Board of Trustees since January 17, 2004.

             UP Professorial Fund

                 Under the administration of Atty. Pearl Gauzon, an initial funding of $1,000 for the Chair was raised. Atty. Januario Azarcon sustained the funding initiative and during his term, the UPAA Chair Fund reached $ 14,000 and a teaching professorial chair in UP Diliman’s Science Department wasas established. Under the leadership of Dr. Perfecto R. Santiago, added $4,000 to the Fund in July 2000. Recipients to date are Associate professors Cesar Villanoy (1999-2001), Reynaldo M. Rey (2002) and Ricardo del Rosario (2003), Ms. Laura T. David (2004), and Ma. Lourdes S. McGlone (2005).

                  List of Professorial Fund Recipients

                  Photos of the Deed of Donation Signings

              Educational Forum and Computer Donation

                Dr. Rene Alvir, President 1992-95, called for an international education forum held in October 1994. There was a healthy dialogue between the UP alumni from different parts of the United States and Canada and the panelists headed by UP President Emil Javier. Dr. Alvir created a conference organizing committee headed by Edgardo Quisumbing whose terms of reference included the selection of speakers and logistics. Athena Azarcon, Alma Conty, Pearl Gauzon, Vic Pacqueo, Carmelita Sangalang, Nestor Santiago †, Rory Santiago, Mercy Tira-Andrei †, and Salome Torrijos responded to the call. The following year, Professor Vivian Gonzales of UP Los Banos, sought UPAA MWDC assistance in securing computers for student use. Drs. Alvir and Javate came up with four donated computers. Dr. Bart Javate, as president, availed of the service of UP alumnus, Voltaire Andres to facilitate during a one-day retreat. The retreat’s main goal was to cull the different and special talents of the Membership to carry out viable projects.

              Resource in the Community

                Far from being elitist, UP alumni have generously shared their pool of expertise serving as valuable resource for the Community.  <Read More>