The University of the Philippines (UP) Alumni Association of the District of Columbia, State of Maryland and Commonwealth of Virginia Chapter  is a nonprofit organization of former students, and friends of UP.  The alumni membership is infused with a spirit of loyalty to the alma mater, service to the Nation’s capital area, and commitment to the Motherland.  The Association promotes the character, traditions and goals of the University through scholarships, professorial chair, and other educational programs, issues, cultural activities and public service.  A common thread of volunteerism and generosity runs through the membership. The Association has offered its excellence and leadership to Community and Country – all traits of which are embodied in the University’s symbol, the Oblation.


        Our mission is to build a dedicated organization of UP alumni that will:

           promote, support, and further elevate the quality education at the University of the Philippines

          enhance the cultural, scientific, and educational endeavors of the Filipino community

          generate and develop appreciation of concerns directly affecting the University and the Filipino community.


        Our Goal as an Organization is:

          to organize, support and promote various fundraising events for the benefit of the University of the Philippines.

          to sponsor and promote various projects that provide scholarships and other financial assistance to the University of the Philippines.

          to foster and encourage networking events for alumni and former students of the University in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Our Mission